Paul Bunyan Mountain & Blues Festival
Westwood, California

$10.00 Entry Fee Per Event Per Person
(There must be 3 contestants for a competition, otherwise the event is exhibition only!)

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Please enter me in the events I have checked below:

Women’s Axe ThrowMen’s Axe ThrowSpeed AxeSingle BuckDouble BuckJack & Jill HandSaw Standing Block ChopChoker SettingHot Saw (Unlimited Cube)Underhand Chop

You will be directed to a Paypal page if paying by Credit Card.

If paying by check, please mail form and check to:
Westwood Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1247
Westwood, CA 96137

In consideration of the privilege of participating in the Lumberjack Show, I hereby release the Westwood Area Chamber of Commerce and any and all persons connected therewith, from any responsibility of liability for and/or damage to me or any property that may result from or because of such event or events of the preparation or practice thereof or in the practice therewith. In addition to the foregoing, I agree to abide by and comply with all rules and regulations governing each contest, and I will fully comply with the Directors and Officials of the contest entered.